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October 07, 2021


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Carol Christenson

Lovely photos! We miss the fall colors in the mountains of CO.
The rhythms of the seasons are different and more subtle here on the CA coast but fall is in the air here too.

Jennifer Woodhull

What glorious images, Kathy. These are the best I've seen this fall.

And yes, we shouldn't be seeing these colors right now; and yes, the next fire/flood/tornado is just around the corner, poised to destroy again. But I'm damned if I'm going to let my grief over the destruction of our planet rob me of the joys of its glories, even if we owe those glories to conditions that will ultimately rob us of them forever.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks, Jennifer. I agree with you that we should enjoy this beauty while it lasts. What else can we do?

Kathy Kaiser

thanks, Carol. Enjoy fall on the coast. I'll envy your nearness to the ocean.

Julene A Bair

What stunning pictures! Such beauty! So sad that there is always, now, this undernote of worry, this awareness that, despite the seeming perfection, all is not right with the world,.

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