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April 23, 2021


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Seriously, where do they think water goes when it snows????


This is a lovely piece with beautiful photos. I have some sympathy for tourists who don't know much about being in nature. Decades ago I worked with in a literacy program for young adults, most of whom came from big cities or lived in places where it was unsafe to go outdoors. Most of these people understood cities in ways I never could, but sometimes were afraid of ducks or scared to walk down a trail. I've met people who lived in areas that were so dangerous that they were only allowed to go to school and home and not allowed to play outside. On the flip side I am often claustrophobic and terrified in cities, I can't orient myself, the entire world feels unfamiliar and scary. I alway am confused about the subway and have had people laugh at me. I try to understand cities so I can experience the delights I know exist there but it is very challenging for me.

Kathy Kaiser

Shoney, thanks for offering this alternative view of tourists. Like you, I'm more comfortable in nature than in cities and can appreciate that urban dwellers would be uncomfortable in nature. In the case of the tourists I saw, I think it's more their arrogance that appalls me. They don't make any effort to learn how to behave in nature. I want them to approach nature with amazement and curiosity, not just look for the best photo.

Julene A Bair

The pictures illustrating this piece are particularly spectacular this time. That first one of the girl in the summery blouse with her big complicated hair blowing in the wind as she takes a picture is particularly stunning. So is the one at the end of the two tiny human figures dwarfed by the mountain beyond them. In the past, no one dressed like that girl could have even gotten there. It's not that different when it's us. For anyone to get to RMNP they have to burn the remains of dinosaurs and other ancient life. In the hour it takes to drive from Denver into the mountains we burn the wealth bequeathed to us by past life - what? one thousand? one million? - times our weight in order to glide over the snow on skis or take snapshots.

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