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February 14, 2021


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Freda Karpf

So enjoy your Cabin Journal. Wanted to share something I've been writing about....The time between winter solstice and the spring equinox is known as the imbolic. The between times. All best, freda from @thewildblues

Jennifer Woodhull

I've discovered that it's not the seasonal aspect of February that makes it suck. It's always a horrible month, whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, where it's still summer. I used to wonder why, until I learned about dön season. In Tibet, döns are imaginary embodiments of our unfinished business of the past year. They're said to emerge just before the lunar new year, which typically falls in February (the 12th, this year). The döns demand that we tend to whatever we've left undone over the previous year. Since there are reasons why we've left these things undone, we're typically not pleased to be confronted with them. Perhaps this goes as much for our relationship with the weather and environment as with anything else …

Julene A Bair

If only it would snow, a lot. That would make February worth waiting through. Same here in California. At the beginning of January, we were just at 52% of average snowpack.

That's my practical response. I enjoyed Freda's and Jennifer's much more intriguing insights. Here's to imbolic döns!

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, thanks for the explanation of the don season. It seems especially significant this year, after almost a year of being in lockdown and having to face our fears. I will look forward to life easing up a bit in the coming weeks.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks, Freda. I like "the between times." It perfectly sums up this state of limbo.

Kathy Kaiser

Julene, we did get snow finally--about a foot in the mountains and maybe six inches down here, which has already melted. I did my first cross-country skiing of the year, and it felt great.

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