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January 25, 2021


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Thank you for taking us along on this winter wonderland journey [from the warmth of my California bungalow].


What an amazing snowy landscape in the higher elevations. Hope you get snow in the lower elevations. It's strange to not see snow around the Boulder area this time of year. We've had snow on the ground all winter. But not nearly the snow amount I'm used to seeing. But then we had a major snow event yesterday. We got around 8 inches of snow. I spent much of the afternoon shoveling it. So now the snowbanks are looking a little more like what they typically look like this time of the year. And now we have a very long stretch of below zero weather ahead of us. It was kind of a mild wither up until yesterday. I'm bundling up for the outside. Staying warm inside.

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, glad to hear you got some snow. Our weather got a bit colder, too--in the 40s rather than 50s and near 60--but not like the Midwest. I'm glad for the cold; it will make spring seem even better. Stay warm.

Kathy Kaiser

Shoney, glad you enjoyed winter from the comfort of your warm home.

Julene A Bair

I breathed a sigh of relief experiencing this snowfall with you. Love that last picture of the trail winding around the bend. Long to be on skis again!

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