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August 01, 2020


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Julene Bair

Thanks for bearing witness to what you see and sharing your concerns while also paying tribute to all the beauty that still is. That is the best that most of us can do. I had never seen a red crossbill before. What a marvelous picture!

Jennifer Woodhull

I doubt that our world will return to the way it was before climate change and the pandemic knocked everything so far off kilter. On the other hand, I fear the normalization of this new dispensation: a collective shrug of grim acceptance that lets us all blow off the political and economic change it's going to take to restore some semblance of planetary balance. I heard a joke about engineers today: the optimist thinks the glass is half full; the pessimist thinks the glass is half empty; the engineer wonders why the glass is twice the size it needs to be. I reckon our best way ahead at this point is to stick with the engineer.

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, I agree we're in a state where we have to accept climate change, and what it will do to places we love, but also keep fighting it. It's hard to remain somewhere between optimism and pessimism--and downright heartbreak.

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