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June 08, 2020


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Jennifer Woodhull

Glorious! Thanks so much for this, Kathy. It's balm to this city-bound soul.

Sally Hanson

Beautiful ❣️ So nice to have the world come to a crawl, to allow us all to take advantage of the beauty all around us without having to go to the ends of the earth to see. I saw two woodpeckers walking to the park two blocks from my house in a very densely populated area in the SF Bay Area. Canadian geese and all their goslings in all stages of maturing, eating green grass like they were starving. In the creek near my house mother Duck and her 6 ducklings 🐥 Beautiful life is all around us! It takes a Pandemic to slow us all down enough to appreciate the “littlest” things now. The simple things we generally took for granted we now somehow find immense pleasure. The air is clean and fresh and now less traffic as people work from home. Much needed changes in so many ways we will not even be able to grasp it all yet. Maybe more loving 🥰 kindness to come in all our lives. Maybe we can become the humanity we need to be to create the Kind of world we need to survive.

Julene Bair

Your cabin sounds like a veritable birder's paradise. Thanks so much for this insightful look at your regular residents. I was unfamiliar with the violet-green swallow. Very striking -- what a beautiful bird.

Carol Christenson

Thanks for a great tour of the birds at the cabin and in Boulder! I have had a similar experience in that since the pandemic the singing and chirping of the various songbirds is so loud in the morning when Ruby and I walk outside it is astonishing. I wonder if it has always been like this? But the sound of traffic and so much more activity in the neighborhood was drowning it out?

Kathy Kaiser

Carol, I've wondered that myself. I think we're more aware now, because we've been house-bound and there's less noise from traffic, etc. We're not as busy, either, so maybe we're more attuned to the natural world.

Kathy Kaiser

Sally, I hope you're right, and that this is the start of a new awareness of the world and how good it can be.

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