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April 28, 2020


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Thanks you for this perspective. I too feel fortunate to live in a beautiful place, a place many people want to visit. It looks like our beaches and parks will be closed down again, at least for the weekends....the problem is many visitors who are not honoring social distancing. It is sad that we can't just restrict the beauty to people who are respectful of others, to those committed to flattening the curve....

Julene Bair

Amen to this! We may think that a deed gives us the right to restrict others from enjoying the land around us, but to whatever extent we feel is safe, we ought to let others enjoy the beauty.

Brent Zeinert

I've been exploring areas in my neighborhood I wouldn't normally have. I've been rediscovering my neighborhood. There is so much wildlife right in my own backyard. I live at the edge of the city limits. The Town of Wausau is only a few blocks away. Farm fields with freshly spread manure is only a few steps (whiffs) away. I've been walking the country roads to see the wildlife along them. I've been observing a lot of Song sparrows and now wrens have arrived. Wild turkey, Turkey vultures, Bald eagles and Sandhill cranes are commonly observed this spring. I get excited with the sound of sandhill cranes high above in the big blue sky. I've been fascinated with Black-capped chickadees. They are my favorite year-round bird to see and hear. It should be our Wisconsin state bird over the American robin. The black-capped chickadee toughs out the long winter months, like most of us Wisconsinites. Whereas the robin is a bit of an outsider that migrates through the area when it gets warmer. On my "new" routes I've been observing a couple of Baltimore orioles that have migrated to my neighborhood just this week. There's a boardwalk through a wetland in my neighborhood that is another one of my "new" routes to see nature. They've pretty much shut down Door County to outsiders during the shelter-at-home, they don't want us there for the time being. I hope to get there this springtime to see the dwarf iris and other rare orchids. Time will tell.

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, you're lucky (as am I) to live so close to wild places. And lucky to see the cranes. I missed seeing them this year because of the lockdown. I agree that it makes more sense to have the chickadee be the state bird. Like you, I get cheered all winter by seeing them and hearing their call.
This morning, a Western tanager (orange and yellow) landed in the yard, as did a whole flock of chipping sparrows.
Hope you get to visit Door County soon. The county relies on tourism, so they can't keep it closed forever. I want to get back there, too, at some point and see the lake and forests. I still miss Wisconsin.

Kathy Kaiser

Shoney, I hear you. Wouldn't it be great if everyone respected nature as much as we do?

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