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January 13, 2020


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Jennifer Woodhull

I'd love to take that walk with you sometime, Kathy …

Furry Gnome

I can totally relate to that sense of place you've developed and the joy of doing the same walk over and over again.


Wonderful sense of the place. I love that photo of Meeker with the rushes in front of it.
Thank you.

Julene Bair

For those of us who crave newness, this is a wonderful tribute to appreciating the familiar. I've been trying to learn this lately, with some success, on the trail along a creek in my suburban neighborhood. When I started tiptoeing through the brambles to pick up trash that had been bothering me for ages, I felt a new fondness and appreciation developing. Now I take much slower walks, carry binoculars, and enjoy the birds.

Kathy Kaiser

Julene, once you get to know a piece of land, especially if taking care of it, it can feel like you "own" it--but in a good way, like you're taking responsibility for it.

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