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December 08, 2019


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Jennifer Woodhull

What a beautiful description, Kathy. You took me right there with you …

As for silence, I'm entirely with you there, too. I live just one block away from I-25, so the thrum of traffic is a constant backdrop. Outside my window, a stop sign invites frequent revving of motorbikes and jalopies—but after a good snowfall, it's as quiet as if I were out in the country. Every now and then a poorly equipped vehicle screams its tires against the ice trying to gain traction after the stop, but for the most part, the silence is blissful. How much more so up in the mountains!

Rosemary Carstens

Lovely homage to a winter's day, Kathy. That quiet after a snowfall--a retreat from the chaos of modern urban life.

Julene Bair

Beautiful. I can hear the quiet and feel the peace.

Carol Christenson

I am reminded of the strange silence we had in our neighborhood when the power was shut off for several days last month due to the threat of wildfire. Ruby and I would go out for a walk and the silence during the daylight hours was rather eerie and lovely at the same time.

Kathy Kaiser

Carol, I can imagine that the silence in an urban area would be eerie. I wonder if other people noticed it and how they reacted.

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, that is the wonderful thing about blizzards here. Everything shuts down, so we can return to something a little more primeval.

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