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November 04, 2019


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Carol Christenson

Thanks for a lovely reminder of Colorado and early snow. I don't much miss the cold but I do miss that fresh, clean air.

Brent Zeinert

We've only had a few dusting of snow this fall so far. Most of the snow storms were south of us this season. But it's getting unseasonably cold. As I'm writing this the temp is 12 degrees outside, with a feels like temp of 0 degrees. Brr!


Oh Wow! 😳 Sounds very extreme! It's been the same over here, cold and hot and back and forth over and over.
Let's join Gen Z and protest like there's no tomorrow ‼️‼️‼️ As there may not be‼️‼️‼️‼️

Kathy Kaiser

Sally, today it's in the 50s here, so yes very extreme. I agree, the young people have it right.

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, hope it warms up for you. Here, it's in the 50s and most of the snow has melted.

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