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May 24, 2019


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Jennifer Woodhull

Some Native American sage once remarked that worrying is like paying interest on a debt you don't owe. Since worrying does nothing but compromise your mental and physical health, I'd say just enjoy. There are effective ways of working for the future of the planet; I'm damned if I'm going to give up my joy along the way.


Wishing you warmth. I like the lichens on rock image. I have a hummingbird in my backyard. Saw it in the lilac bush yesterday. I quickly prepared the hummingbird feeder. There are a few different variety of butterflies I saw recently too. One of them being either a monarch or viceroy. I saw a hover fly on my patio too. It's beginning to resemble a summertime feeling even with almost a month remaining of springtime. I planted a mix of wildflower seed near my patio. Will see later this summer if it attracts any wildlife. On your next trip up to Wisconsin. Make a pit stop in Wausau. I could show you my place and there's a Botanical Art exhibit coming to my neighborhood art museum this summer. Link: https://www.lywam.org/exhibition/botanical-art-worldwide-americas-flora/

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, I'd love to visit you in Wausau, especially as I love all your photos of Wausau and the farm and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this year I won't make it to Wisconsin--too much going on this summer. Let me know next time you're out here.

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, I like your attitude. Can I share it?

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