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March 21, 2019


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Beautifully written. Birds can inspire such joy and sadness. I would love to see them in Monte Vista, but dread the crowds. Yes, the world is still alive and rich, my friend.


Thank you Kathy, this is a lovely piece so beautifully written and heartfelt. I am imagining the cranes in flight then landing to feed and it makes me smile to think of them.

Julene Bair

I miss the days when a "freak" storm was just that and not a harbinger of climate change. What incredible pictures of the cranes. Studying them against that winter sky, I can easily see why your heart soars along with them whenever you spot them.

Jennifer Woodhull

Thanks to your encouragement and patient coaching, I finally got to see the cranes myself this year. Yes, the crowds with their intimidating telephoto setups are disconcerting (and not only to the birds); but our best moment was just before we headed back home, when we pulled into a normally popular turnout on highway 15 to find it totally empty. There, we watched through binoculars as line after line of cranes made their way northwest against the snow-covered Sangre de Cristos. It was utterly breathtaking, and well worth the entire trip. Thank you so much for that gift.

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, so glad you got to see them. it does take patience sometimes.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks, Julene. I miss the cranes already, and I'll have to wait another year.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks, Carol. I smile every time I think of them.

Kathy Kaiser

Shoney, the crowds aren't bad on the weekday. Hope you and Carol get to see them someday. Of course, you have wonderful birds near you.

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