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January 08, 2019


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Thank you for sharing your love of cold....and lovely photos. As a person who does not like cold, one of the many things I loved about Colorado was how quickly the sun came out and how warm it became even in winter. Enjoy!

Carol Christenson

Having lived in Colorado for over two decades and now in coastal California, it is interesting getting used to different kinds of weather. I was certainly used to cold and snow and because of that familiarity, big storms and heavy snow were not unsettling. Lately, in Aptos, we have had torrential rain accompanied by high winds. I am not used to this combo, especially when it is not part of a thunderstorm that passes over fairly quickly. These coastal storms go on and on and it is a bit unsettling!

Kathy Kaiser

Carol, I love a good storm, but I might find them unsettling after a while, too.

Kathy Kaiser

Shoney, I love the snowstorms but also love when the sun comes out. Stay warm.

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