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September 30, 2018


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Jennifer Woodhull

What gorgeous photos! Although of course they can never capture the full sensory experience, these do a pretty fine job of conveying the stunning contrasts you describe. Thanks for this wonderful post.


Miss the aspens this time of the year. And you and our Colorado friends at all times of the year. Thank you for sharing your view of the world.


Love the aspen photos.

Julene Bair

"...the light that pours out of the aspen and into every pore of my body, the soft clacking of their leaves, the smell of ripe vegetation, or how the wind stirs everything—the branches, the grasses, the hair on my arms."

Your writing is so precise and beautiful, and I love the way you bring the outside sensory world down to body level. That picture of the prayer flags corresponds perfectly with the faded, somewhat tattered quality of the season this particular year.

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