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August 12, 2018


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Wish we could turn this around. In California the fires have started two months early this year, after last years devastating fires 🔥 this is very unnerving! Maybe we can begin doing what the Indians did and pray for rain!
We are all in this together but some people don't even realize anything out of the ordinary is happening, when your surrounded by fire you get it! 🙏🕊

Jennifer Woodhull

Thanks for this, Kathy. I more than empathize with your sadness; I've been feeling the same grief myself, along with a sense of urgency about spending more time in the natural world while we still have it.

Julene Bair

Thanks for bearing witness to the assault on nature. I think we make ourselves even more miserable when we try to seal ourseves off from the losses underway.


Thank you for your insights. The bristlecone always inspire me, they just keep bending and twisting and figuring it out.

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