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July 07, 2018


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Jennifer Woodhull

Thank you for alerting me to the Terry Tempest Williams book—such beautiful prose. As is yours, dear Kathy …

Debra Biasca

This post resonated with me -- but for a different reason than its expression of natural beauty. Yesterday, we were sitting quietly in our livingroom waiting for an invited guest to arrive when we heard a gentle knock on the door. Thinking it was our guest, I quickly opened the door. But instead of our guest, I saw our mail carrier, leaning toward our glass-and-screen door, beckoning us to look toward the northwest of our frontyard to see wild faun nibbling around our spruce tree. That was the first deer we have seen feeding here in the forty years of living east of Broadway in Boulder. It was a moment like those you describe in this lovely post. PLUS (big plus!), the joy and awe on the face of our mail carrier (a young man who is a USPS contractor) which mirrored ours...

Kathy Kaiser

Beautiful story, Debra. It's the same awe on your mail carrier's face that I see in the park. We need wildlife wherever we can find it.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks, Jennifer. I haven't read the book myself, yet, just excerpts.

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