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July 21, 2018


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Jennifer Woodhull

What a heartbreaking report, Kathy—yet also inspiring. Like you, I often feel helpless and despairing about the fate of our gorgeous, generous planet. And like you, I make the few gestures available to me. I like to think that the Earth recognizes and appreciates the spirit, or the energy, or whatever unquantifiable force of the heart brings that water to those struggling aspens. And that the shower water I collect to flush the toilet somehow eventually goes back to the water table with some subtle message of solidarity, support, and heartfelt remorse. A friend of mine recently remarked that "we are all part of the continuum that is the sum of human greed." Certainly, I drive a car, fly in airplanes, use and discard plastic with just about everything I buy. Yet in Buddhism, intention counts for something. I don't think it mitigates my transgressions, but I do believe that my gratitude to and respect for the natural world, like yours, contributes in some way to a saner and more workable planetary movement. For what it's worth …

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, I've been thinking along the same lines. The quote about our human greed resonates with me, as it's obvious that climate change is the fruition of centuries of human greed.

Like you, I like to think that any gesture of compassion, no matter how small, is helpful.

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