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April 22, 2018


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Jennifer Woodhull

They're popping out down here in the Springs, too. They look almost artificial, as though made out of fabric and available by the bunch at Michael's … A couple of daffodils showed up in the yard where I live, but they soon shriveled up and dropped their petals. The pasqueflowers, as you say, endure.

Carol Christenson

Thanks, Kathy, for another lovely hit of CO in the springtime.

Julene Bair

Amazing how something so fragile looking can be so tough. I love their lilac color. They say "spring!" just when you think it will never come -- always a celebration.


Pasqueflowers were one of my favorite springtime flowers to look for on my Colorado hikes. The earliest flowers to look for on my Wisconsin treks is the Hepatica wildflower. People will often confuse them with the wood violet or springbeauty wildflowers. The Hepatica blooms come in various hues of pink, purple, blue, or white.

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