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April 12, 2018


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Jennifer Woodhull

Just yesterday, I followed my walking friends' exhortations to lie down in a scoop of rock in the Garden of the Gods, near a monument to an ancient Ute trail. Lying there, I could feel how easy it would have been to spend hours just admiring the treetops and sky from that vantage point. Thanks for this gorgeous elegy and celebration …!


When I was a kid on the farm, I would often jump from rock to rock. I would start at the top of the hill and proceed down the hill, determined to find that next rock to jump on without touching the grass. There are a lot of glacial rocks where I grew up. Many of these rocks were cleared for farm fields. They became stone fences. This was done to make the farm field larger and more accessible. Some of these stone fences from my childhood have been removed. Bulldozed back underneath the topsoil. One of these old stone fences still remains on the farm. I still like to walk along the stone fence. I also remember "picking rocks". This is a very common term around Wisconsin. The glaciers left behind this wonderful array of sculpted rocks. Some as small as a pebble and some as large as a car. I can remember helping a neighbor farmer pick rocks. Just one of the many things we had to pick. Picking weeds and picking corn are a couple other chores on the farm.

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, I love those old stone fences. I saw a lot in Ireland and northern England.
It seems the glaciers left behind a lot of good things: all those beautiful Wisconsin lakes as well as the rocks and boulders.

Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, lucky you to settle into the sandstone formation.

Julene Bair

I can't wait to see this film. Like you and Goldsworthy, I'm a "full immersionist."

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