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February 06, 2018


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Love the bald eagles....especially after photographing them in Wisconsin a week ago. This is a wonderful love letter to the mountain. Thank you.


I like the clumps of grasses in the wetlands photo. The wetlands are a nice spot to see dragonflies in summer. And what wonderful photos of eagles. I'm at that point in winter where if there's another snowfall, I will have to consider other places to dump it. The snow piles are getting higher. It might get above freezing for a few hours next week. Other than that, it will be below freezing for a while longer. That's fine with me though, because it is the middle of winter, ya know. Been enjoying the sunshine lately and the longer days. I especially enjoy the dawn and dusk twilight time on my neighborhood walks–the days are getting longer. The winter birds are going crazy over my bird seed. The finches have crowded out the other birds. While observing the feeder last weekend, there must have been a couple dozen finch birds at one given time. My resident black-capped chickadees were squeezing in between for a bite whenever they could. There was a finch bird with it's brilliant yellow colored feathers. I thought that was unusual, because I thought they all put on there winter color coat.

Jennifer Woodhull

I'm with you, Kathy. There's something about the edge of darkness and danger that draws me, too. Here in Colorado Springs, we finally got a real snowfall—our first this winter. The kind of danger posed by climate change, sadly, lacks the kind of attraction you so exquisitely describe …

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, the clumps of grasses are by Lily Lake, which gets hordes of dragonflies in the summer. Sounds like you are having a real winter in Wisconsin, especially good if you like to ski and snowshoe.
On this cold day here (20 degrees), at the feeder we have red finches, gold finches (but still in winter plumage), chickadees, an occasional flicker and even a rufous towhee. And lots of robins come to our backyard birdbath to drink.
I love the snow, but here's hoping for spring, especially for you in the Midwest.

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