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January 06, 2018


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Julene Bair

Like you, I love these pines. They predominate in the Laramie range in Wyoming where I used to savor the grasslands amidst the trees. But not until reading this did I realize that the way these trees grew allowed those grasses to thrive amidst them. Thanks for raising my awareness of this and for describing their Beauty so perfectly.


We had many Ponderosa's and Sugar Pine 🌲 in Northern Ca. We picked there cones to send to the nursery, we thinned their plantations, and we mostly just admired there Hughness in the forest and the frosting on the cake is their lovely smells and the sap is good as fire starter. Thanks for the info on them, they sound very well grounded. I love the explanation of the perfection that needs to happen to create a tree or for so many things. We forget that to survive is not guaranteed and a hard job.

Jennifer Woodhull

On my solitary walks around Boulder I used to spend hours picking the dwarf mistletoe off the pines, in thanks for their strength and endurance. I'm unembarrassed to be a tree-hugger; the ways they hug us are countless and indispensable. Proud to be a Ponderosa Person!

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