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September 14, 2017


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The smoke in southern Oregon is so bad you can't see anything!!! Worst I have ever seen!!! Fires 🔥 everywhere in the West!!! Very very concerning!!! Temps were astronomical!!! The scary part of living in Forest 🌳!!!


Thank you for your important post. That "the world color" is what I live with almost every day in the valley, a smear of intense dust/smoke/smog that blocks out the light which creates color. Keep up the good fight [with your pen, or keyboard]

Jennifer Woodhull

Ouch. Yes——it's looking as though 'ordinary' is fast becoming the stuff of nostalgia. The Good Old Days are going the way of the frogs and bees. Happily, we still have this clear and gentle Cabin Journal. Thanks, Kathy. Please don't stop reminding us of what's important.


We've experienced some of the smoke effect in my neighborhood as well. There were a few days of unusually vibrant sunrises and sunsets and the similar grayish light. Some of our hottest weather of the year is forecast this first weekend of the autumn season.

Julene Bair

"Ordinary" is a reprieve, but there's no escaping our awareness of threat we humans pose to nature worldwide. Thanks for giving such eloquent voice to this awareness.

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