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August 19, 2016


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Furry Gnome

When the time comes, remember that the depth of grief you feel reflects the depth of love you feel. Helped me when our son died last year, though it's always tough.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks. It seems to me love is the only way to get through this. So sorry to hear about your son.


What a beautiful piece. I'm sorry to hear of your suffering, but joyful that you can find this deep link in nature.

Rachel Maizes

Beautiful piece, Kathy. Sorry about your dad's failing health.


Sorry for the loss of your trees and the inevitable loss of your Dad. Your relationship will continue every time your're in nature, which you both so completely loved. Every time you play the piano. All those tender moments you've had, the love you shared will always be in your heart. Your writing, your spiritual practice, your friends, your family. These things have a way of deepening us which fills us on a soul level. Spend as much time as you can. You will always hold these moments dear. They were always there for us and now it's our turn to take this very difficult and challenging moment and be their for them. The completion of that life cycle. The reward is ten fold. The reward is LOVE. It is in the love we give that we are filled. I feel your pain KATHY. I am there for you.

Julene Bair

Thanks for this beautiful tribute to nature, the trees that grant you and your father peace, and to your father. He played a large role in making you who you are, and he filled you with the confidence that comes only from being loved. That and the memories will remain when he is gone. They will continue to create and renew you every day.

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