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February 02, 2016


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Great photos!

Jennifer Woodhull

Long live indeed! Although here in South Africa, the fact that many urban townships still have outhouses instead of flush toilets continues to give rise to violent (and peculiarly unsanitary) protest actions … It all seems to come back to context, no?

Furry Gnome

Yes, long live the outhouse! I've seen some neat ones in my time, but never one with a heater to keep your bum warm! And up here it gets mighty cold on the bum in mid-winter!


Remembering the outhouses at the farm and cabin in Wisconsin. You might be interested in this read with photos, "The Opposite of Cold: The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition". My Aunt Marcella had a sauna.


Kathy Kaiser

Jennifer, I'm trying to imagine what kind of protests there would be over outhouses.

Brent, thanks for the link to the sauna website. I'll check that out.

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