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September 07, 2015


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Brent Zeinert

A rather dreary portrait of the Wisconsin north woods. Too much thunder at the lake these days. Makes me sad to read. Glad you have found a down-to-earth world in the mountains.

Sally Hanson

Life has really changed since we were kids! Guess these are the things you begin to notice with age. There are about three times as many people as when we were young on this planet! I really am noticing. I am so happy when any of us can find that peaceful quiet you speak of. It is rare.


I have a (literally) academic interest in silence. I've argued that the silence of mystics is in fact a form of active communication. You've reminded me where they got the idea.

Carol Christenson

It is unbelievable what people bring along on a camping trip to the beach these days. Shoney, Ruby and I were just visiting Santa Cruz over the holiday weekend and saw any number of RV's with astro turf lawns, Tiki bar and torches (OK only one had a Tiki bar but there were lots of variations on this),wide screen TV's mounted to side of RV, complete stereo systems and sofas. It is a cacophony during the day and I can only imagine what it is like at night. Meanwhile the dolphins leap out of the water, the otters play and the whales blow huge spouts into the sky all unnoticed by most humans.

Kathy Kaiser

Carol, you wonder why people even bother leaving their homes.

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