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June 08, 2015


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Love the photos of spring at your cabin.


I predict it won't take you too long to re-fave your Rockies. Good start here!

Brent Zeinert

Beautiful snow-capped mountain view. Summer and fall are nice, but springtime is my favorite. Winter is the quiet season. See you soon.

Carol Christenson

After seeing your photos of Ireland I really understand how different the qualities of light are between here and there. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Julene Bair

It sounds like no two places could be so unalike. I want to see the pictures too! But you don't get the same sense of vastness on the landscape there, do you, and the openness and clarity? I don't think I'm cut out for too much green, but it sounds simply beautiful.


Julene, I think you actually get more sense of vastness in Ireland because you're never far from the ocean, and there's few trees (a disappointment for me), mostly open fields.

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