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February 16, 2014


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Beautiful quiet photos. What a gift you gave yourself, a day to be present---and now a gift shared with us. I hope you are able to do a day like this again soon.

Sally Hanson

It was a relief to hear you talk about something all of us humans need more than we know!! I've been doing the same sometimes. Just to notice how we are all rushing all the time and not being aware of it. I've been realizing this at times and if I'm aware I can take a breath and be conscious to slow down. I don't need to hurry, why? I've been slowing down for years after my beat the clock life. Amazing how hurrying becomes a way of life even when it's no longer necessary to keep up with our busy working lives. I'm so glad to see this article. So well written and you described all of that day excellently! Thank You!

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