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January 06, 2014


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Perfect. I love the solstices and the idea of marking them in some meaningful way. Your photos are so beautiful---thank you for including the cranes.

Jennifer Woodhull

Here in the southern hemisphere, the logics for beginning and ending of years are quite different. The Christmas-New Year season presents the best opportunity for the long summer vacation; school ends in November and starts up again in February. During those months Cape Town is jammed with Johannesburgers looking to get away from the heat and into the sea. April and May are the best months to visit, because the wind has dropped and the rain hasn't started yet. My south-facing apartment doesn't get as much sun as the more desirable north-facing ones, but I do get to look out over False Bay and see the whales breaching—more and more of them over-summering after their May–September breeding season.

Just a slightly different perspective from down here …

Julene Bair

That sandhill crane shot is absolutely exquisite! The writing, as always, is beautiful too.

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