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January 16, 2013


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What a great post! I'm with you--these objects are part of the landscape now. You can enjoy them [I do!] and also make a promise to the land and the cabin not to add any new objects. Great photos!


Love the fact that time continues in the mts with some things never changing! That is unique!


Beautiful. I love the wooden table. I think old things have a depth of character and quality that animates them and makes them seem more real somehow. Like you say, it's about continuity and feeling part of an unbroken cycle in some small way. Old items that last and continue to fulfill their function ground us and root us in a comforting way. This cheap, tacky, throw-away world that we have created fosters alienation, disconnection from the past and makes it difficult to believe we will have a future at all. This reminds me of something I read years ago in Bruce Chatwin's Footprints of the Ancestors: 'The world, if it has a future, has an ascetic future.' . . . so don't throw out that old log cutting machine, it may still come in handy AFTER "the days of chainsaws."

Kathy Kaiser

An ascetic future -- I like that.

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