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January 09, 2013


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Great posts. I LOVE your cloud photos!


A great reminder, Kathy, to look up and take advantage of the healing sky - both day and night!

Julene Bair

So true, Kathy. We're very lucky to have these open, beautiful skies. I've appreciated them this year more than others. I doubt the sky has changed. For some reason, I've just been taking a little more time to notice and appreciate them this fall and winter. Jim and I even went on a couple dawn walks, because the sunrises have been so stunning, we wanted to get the full effect.

Erin Block

Absolutely. Thank you for this piece.


I'm practicing this!! Thank you!

Gail Storey

Yes! Sometimes I just go outside and lie down to look up at the sky. Instant awe and peace. And at night, I love to go outside just before getting into bed, to say goodnight to the stars. I've been reading a number of your posts, and must say how true and beautiful your writing is. And your amazing photos. Thank you.

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