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December 07, 2012


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Erin Block

My dreams are of this, too. Even more so when I think about this next summer...and fire season. And after your last post, it was ironic that this past week I found I also have a packrat...in my basement. He had been stealing fishing nets!

Julene Bair

Amen to this, Kathy. I'm wishing for a white winter too.


I hope you get some cold, white weather soon. warm winters with little snow are very worrisome. We haven't had to clear snow once yet this year and though one is grateful for less work and less heating, having a few feet of snow on the ground is comforting. At least it is below freezing most of the time, not crazy warm like where you are. We have given up on the "Cold enough to kill the pine beetle" dream. Apparently, at least two weeks below -40 are needed for that and we haven't had that kind of cold in decades. Most of the forest around us is dead from the beetle and that makes the fires all the more frequent and more devastating when they come.


My dreams too. I feel guilty enjoying the warm weather while fearing what is going to happen to the streams and plants and animals and farmers next year if we don't get some snow soon. I miss seeing the snowy landscape and am upset to see my lilac tree trying to produce buds already. Thank you for writing this.


I so feel for you all! It's pouring here in CA and hopefully it will be snow for you all as the sierras are deep in it! I too loved our winters as a kid, with our three natural ice skating rinks and our sledding hill!! The igloos are such a fond memory and when you talk of this I can be there now. So much fun we had!! I'm sending out a xmas order for some snow for you all in CO!

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