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November 26, 2012


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I absolutely loved this post and laughed aloud while reading it. Yes, art for the animals, why not? I mean, except for driving you crazy and being destructive.


Kathy, I just loved this story!! They are sooo smart! I had a pet mouse when I was a kid and he could be trained to do so many things. He even came when I called his name. And so cute! Thanks for this piece I just loved it!


We seem to have no end of pack rat trouble. No sooner do we remove one than another sets up shop in the garden shed or the wood shed. We have even had one chew straight through the cedar siding on the garden shed to get back in after being evicted. The smell is unmistakable and really quite awful and there's always the risk of fire if there are any electrical cables. They are remarkable animals with curious habits but I prefer them to be remarkable and curious somewhere else.

As for the disappearing items, I read once that when they were doing renovations in the Banff Springs Hotel they found a pack rat nest full of fine silverware from the late 1800s. They are especially partial to sparkly, shiny things!

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