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November 02, 2012


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This is really interesting. I too find it strange that moose would be introduced anywhere where they are truly not native, but I find the whole process of introducing and reintroducing species is usually short sighted and ill fated. Moose are constant companions where I live. I see them often all year and their fresh tracks most days. I've been very half-heartedly false charged by a rutting bull moose - but I had just tossed a 5 gallon plastic pail at him to try to stop him eating my cherry tree, so he was more annoyed than aggressive and went right back to gnawing my tree to the ground after stomping and snorting and giving me the evil eye. I made a mental note to never throw anything at a moose again. Generally, when they appear, they just watch you and stand their ground. They aren't skittish and generally don't run from you because they really aren't afraid of anything other than wolves, and because wolves are their predator they tend to hate dogs and will attack and kick dogs that get in their way. I hope you get to enjoy some more encounters with your moose, any untoward behaviour on their part is highly unlikely and they are magnificent!

Erin Block

Fascinating post. I've seen their tracks on my land, and have seen a few up by Brainard Lake. However, I have always heard their being here explained as a "re-introduction," so was really interested in the impact of them being a completely new species to the Colorado ecosystem. Thanks for this post and the new information...and they're magnificent creatures, wherever they are.


Great post! I love to see the moose but have questions too about the long term consequences of introducing them to Colorado if they aren't native to the area. Fantastic photos!


Those pictures are GREAT!! What an interesting thing for you all in CO. But the introduction sounds strange if they have never been there before? Do they hunt them somewhere in the state?


Hello, I was just blog hopping when I came across your blog. I love moose, how cool to see them in the wild. Wonderful photos!

Kathy Kaiser

Sally, as far as I know they're not hunted, so don't really know what they are doing here.

Kathy Kaiser

Laurel, I agree that the process of introducing and re-introducing animals is usually short-sighted and often detrimental to the landscape.

Yes, they are dangerous, as well as being big. It might be just a matter of time before someone gets charged in Rocky MOuntain National Park, as visitors seem to regard wildlife as something to be petted.

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