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January 09, 2012


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Hi Kathy, I often walk or ski the forest trails behind my house. I live high - above 10,000' - but I like being enclosed by the trees, too. I see wonderful things sometimes when the view is a bit less grand. I imagine you have snow on the ground now. We finally got a bit more Sat. night - snow pack is way below normal here in Breckenridge. Happy New Year to you. I love the green grass shot!


Glad you have found beauty and enjoyment in all kinds of nature. It's true that many of us, when we think about nature, we envision grand mountains and vast landscapes, forgetting that nature lives just outside our front door (even in urban areas). Having said that, I would love to explore the mountains of Colorado some day:)

Kathy Kaiser

Grace, glad to hear you're finally getting some snow. In Meeker Park, we've had snow on the ground since October. In my back yard, which is protected from the wind and faces north, I have about three feet of snow.

Kathy Kaiser

Grace, you would love Colorado.

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