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November 15, 2011


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Love that rabbit! The insurance company is sending letters to everyone advising that they cut grass, trim branches and so on---often they don't actually drive by to see if there is a problem, they are setting themselves up NOT to have to pay for anything if there is ever a problem. Sorry to rant. Insurance is a scam, though most of us pay into it

Laurel Kallenbach

Yes, nature has its own rules--and you really have to live by them. Realistically, if there were a wildfire, having short grass would probably not make a difference anyway. Maybe longer grass would help hold moisture in the soil, making the land more resistant to fire. Keep the critters!!!

Rachel Maizes

Fire, too, is part of nature, just not a part your insurance company likes. I admire your decision to live in nature and to adapt yourself to it, rather than adapt it to you, destroying it in the process. I suppose you could move all those rocks, too, destroying the habitat of all the insects that live beneath them. Hell, you could bulldoze the whole lot and pour a concrete, fire-resistant pad. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Kathy Kaiser

I like your point, Laurel, about longer grass holding the moisture better. I'll use that with my insurance company if they start insisting on the grass being cut. Thanks!

Avery Gerner

Hmmm, I actually heard that for the first time when an insurance company asked a homeowner to mow their lawn. It was probably to prevent the occurrence of grass fires, which can destroy a whole house.



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