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November 27, 2010


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What exquisite cattails! Cattail time, I will remember to take some this week. Thank you again for reminding us of what is important.


Cattail Time! I love it. I'm going on it right now. Away from my computer and outdoors it is.

Page Lambert

Julene referred me to your blog, and it's beautiful. My recent newsletter touched on much the same theme. Thank you for the reminder about the cattails. I used to have a wonderful old ranch woman for a neighbor, and she used to collect cattail pollen to use for flour. Now that is patience.

Page Lambert


Cattail time it is!! This is so true and all you said about stress and time flying and we all need to be mindful and have some cattail time. Agreed!


Glad you took a break and let the stress melt away. I like the idea of Cattail Time!

Melanie Mulhall


I love the concept of aimless walking. Thank you for this post.

Melanie Mulhall

Kathy Kaiser

I had no idea you could make flour out of cattails. I wonder what she made with it.

Blues by Five

I love walking aimlessly, it's so liberating.


I do believe that the Indians used the cattails for flour.

Mel's Cabin

What an interesting blog. I too love cabins and the wilderness around them. Mel's Cabin blogspot visited your post today.

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