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November 08, 2010


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Hi, Kathy—

The loveliness of your world up there, and the gorgeous language you use to describe it, are sometimes almost painful for me. They make me long for Colorado in a way nothing else does, with the possible exception of the occasional random memory that stops me in my tracks while I'm washing dishes or lighting the shrine.

Thank you for keeping up this blog. I've tried several times to do likewise, but whatever it is that keeps you faithfully recording the exquisitely subtle joys of your cabin life doesn't seem to have visited me. So I console myself by catching up with your journal. Long may it—and you—flourish.


HEAR!! HEAR!! I will second that!! I am amazed at how you come up with all these interesting subjects....I really have adoration for this blog also and it helps me to be there too! I need to find some woods to inhabit!! Thanks Kathy!!

Rolf Matchen

Why don't you make a canal by digging around the base of the trees, just deep enough so that it doesn't collect water. It should be pretty accurate, but it may solve your dilemma. In any case, you should also check the stability of each part of the system - from your gutters down to the rocks.

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