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August 27, 2010


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I love the way you explore this topic. The Bill Waite cabin really does seem like part of your property. It has stood empty for so long it feels like it belongs to the landscape.

Mark Wales

Exciting times! Look forward to seeing what happens next! If I didn't live in Sweden, I'd love to buy the place! haha. Fingers crossed it's a book reading naturalist!

Jennifer Woodhull

Keep us posted, will you? Now that I have the Big Picture of your cabin and its surrounds, I feel as though I have a personal investment in who moves in next door to you.


That is a worry I would surely have "Who?"!! How much does it cost?? If it isn't too much, maybe?? No septic...that might deter people...I pray that you end up with a very nice and quiet person!! Whatever the case it is all a learning expeience. GOOD LUCK!!

Kathy Kaiser

Sally, they are asking $60,000, although I suspect they may have to reduce the price, considering it has no septic system or well.

Melanie Mulhall


It is so tempting to want to buy wonderful places to protect them, isn't it? I'm reminded of being in Australia many years ago, on the island of Tasmania. I was in Australia on business, but took a week off (after two weeks of business) and drove the island of Tasmania. My husband and I stayed at one place that happened to be right next to a fairy penguin habitat. We were able to take a tour at night to see them come out of the water and return to their nests. The tour guide was a sanctioned by the government. This was serious stuff. The fairy penguins were threatened by humans and ferral cats. At one point, there were fairy penguins right at our feet--and I thought to myself that my being there might not be such a good thing, even if it was under the auspices of a federally sanctioned program. I fantasized buying the entire area and keeping us humans off it completely so the fairy penguins could live in peace.

The cabin so close to yours seems absolutely charming. You are probably doing more for its sale in this blog piece than any real estate person could.

I wish you peace and wonderful neighbors!

Melanie Mulhall

Kathy Kaiser

Melanie, I like your fantasy about protecting the fairy penguins. Sometimes, it's best to keep humans out of the picture.

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