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August 15, 2010


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How blessed you were to see that Moose in all its "ungainly glory" (love that phrase) and to have your camera handy, Kathy. The pictures you took of it are fantastic. The second one is worthy of a wildlife calendar. And to think it was just romping in the water for the fun of it. Sounds like my dog Moose, who I am now convinced more than ever is aptly named.


Your encounters and the subsequent photos are wonderful, Kathy. I especially love the basking marmot.

Claire Walter

A moose at Cub Lake! Amazing. I know that they have wandered east of the Divide. Maybe it was there just to be photographed at that much-visited lake. Moose seem to have no particular reluctance to being in "human territory." I've seen them in parking lots in Anchorage. Thnx for these images -- of course, your beauitful reflective thoughts.


Wow! What great photos! I've been hoping to see a moose this summer, but I think that these animal visions come at unexpected times....thank you for writing about your encounters.


I loved these pictures and your escapades with the wildlife is something I envy!! I just love the animals and you have it right about the alternative universe. Maybe they harken us back to a more simple time...

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