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May 10, 2010


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Rosemary Carstens

You describe perfectly the way I spend my days--always thinking about whether I'm doing the priority thing, going to meet my deadlines, doing enough marketing, on and on. My mind constantly ticks off my schedule from the time I open my eyes in the morning until I finally fall asleep at night. I hate it--it's an addiction of some sort I think. I'm losing touch with how to just BE. You've figured out a way and I plan to spend more time outdoors in nature this warmer season trying to find that peace again. Rosemary @tweets2go


This is exactly what I go through too--every day. Even if I'm working in my garden, which is the thing I love to do most, I seldom take a moment to just look around at the beauty surrounding me. I hear the birds calling in the background, but I don't look up. What idiots most of us are, at least on this level. Pretty soon we'll be lying on our death beds, wondering why we didn't take more time to notice our beloved world. So thanks for saying this again and again in different, always unique ways that cause me to wake up a little. The metaphor re the crossing of the raging river, looking from stone to stone, captures the problem perfectly. We feel that way even though there's usually nothing so critical going on that we couldn't stop and look around. It helps you, I think, that you bought the cabin for this purpose. Now you are reminded of that every time you go there, and this encourages you to follow through on that plan--to watch and listen, to be present.

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