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May 29, 2010


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Hi Kathy, I enjoyed your photos and wildlife sightings. I've been away from my mountain home for several weeks and am now in Moab on the return trip. I'm hoping the snow is melted in my yard, but I know it's unlikely.


Wow Kathy!! Those are really wonderful pictures and I love how everything has just burst into life!! How wonderful is that??!! Those hummingbirds are such characters. They fly to within inches of my cat and tease him, I've saved a few from his jaws too! But they are really BIG little birds, lots of bravery. Not timid at all. Wish I had a little cabin, a place to watch the real world do it's thing before my eyes. So thanks for sharing!

Bettianne Shoney Sien

I never get tired of reading your journal...your writing makes me feel like I'm present for every bit of this drama. What a great photo of hummingbirds! When I moved to Colorado I feared that there might not be hummingbirds here---I loved watching them in California and planted hundreds of flowers specifically to feed them. What a wonderful treat to find hummingbirds so at home here in our beloved Rockies. Thank you.


Gorgeous descriptions of the hummingbirds, and that's an amazing picture of the coyote. Once again, thanks for these missives from a saner world.

Jim and I left our feeder out all winter and I kept telling myself I needed to fill it this spring. What finally did it was seeing a hummingbird come to it and find it empty yesterday. I hope word didn't go out in humminbirdland, telling everyone our feeder was busted.

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