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May 17, 2010


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When I moved to Colorado I wondered if I would see hummingbirds here...it thrills me that they live here and manage to thrive. In California I used to plant flowers that they loved, yes, for them, but also for the joy of hearing them whir and click and seeing them dive and sip.
Thank you for sharing this snowy picture of your cabin in May.
May the sunshine soon return.


We've had a very long spring, with lots of rain and it is nice as it has been so dry here for many years but it does seem weird and different. Strange things do happen with the weather across all of time. Things so unexpected, out of the blue. Like the hurricane that hit Long Is in 1938. Huh? It had not seen anything like this in the 120 years of record keeping. Maybe we are in one of those periods? I bet the hummingbird was so thankful for you that day!!


I love that we get to see hummingbirds here ... have to get my feeder out.


Hi Kathy,
I'm traveling out of CO right now, so I like seeing the pics you've posted. I especially like the idea that hummingbirds are returning.

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