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March 13, 2010


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So good to be able to touch in with real life from time to time. The place I live in is very beautiful: turning my head in between words right now, I can look at the waves rolling into False Bay. But it ain't Colorado, and your posts awaken in me a fierce longing to be right where you are, looking out at the snow and leaving tracks down the trail. Thank you for keeping me in touch with the face of home that I miss the most.


I am so envious of you being able to escape to a place that stays the same. I still enjoy a real book in my hands.

Melanie Mulhall


I have been thinking about the pace of life, too. In particular, I am trying to pay attention to segues. If I don't allow a little breathing time between, say, a difficult piece of editing and the client coming for a visit, I cannot be as present with the client as I want to be. And if we're present, we're not here at all.

Hiking is a very good way to stay present and you have a gorgeous place in which to do it.

Thanks for the reminder.



Kathy, I loved how you put my feelings into words....Everything is taking off in cyber space!! Pooie!! Oh well, I feel if this is what is going on for them I can still be in the real world if I want. But like you said it is the speed...I wonder if it felt that way at the beginning of the 20th century?? The industry and factories etc. Just when we think we have a handle on it, all changes! You are so lucky you know a place were you can count on it being the same. I know some natural places like that too, thank goodness!! Sally


Hi Kathy,
I found your Blog on the Nature Blog Network. I relate to what you've posted. I also live in CO - my home is in Breckenridge, but I've been spending time in Denver recuperating from a health issue. Still plenty of snow at my mountain house, though the snowpack is below average this year. I enjoy your peaceful cabin setting.

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