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January 23, 2010


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Thanks for this photo and post. I've been thinking hard about how to write about when we don't like nature--when winter is tough, when lives are lost to earthquakes, when we're not sure if we can trust the universe. Your simple and eloquent acknowledging of this truth is a balm. And what a perfect title.

And yet. The creek is running, the cycle is turning, just as it always has. Death is inevitable--not just IN life, but FOR life to occur. "One must have a mind of winter..." I think I'll look up that poem again.


A striking photo and words equally arresting. When something dies, we do stand at the frontier between life and death, trying to read an inscrutable message.

Bettianne Shoney Sien

This post and photograph made me reflect on death and nature....a topic I too often shy away from. Why? We all die. I think that is the sad, hard truth that humans can't wrap our minds around...yet we continue to both curious and uncurious about. I often wonder what animals "think", "feel" about death and dying, other than the instinct to flee when possible.


I can tell it was an intense thing to see. I would have reacted like you did, like it was harder to see than one might think.

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