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January 12, 2010


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Just want to say how envious I am of your cabin. It is the cabin of my dreams. Loved reading the hisory.

Bettianne Shoney Sien

This post made me cry. What a legacy this cabin has---how wonderful [and I think "meant to be"] that you are carrying this legacy forward. The Andersons left you so many treasures [the bird list!!], they must be filled with a sense of joy that you now inhabit this precious space and appreciate it so much. Love the photos.

Melanie Mulhall


I love that you found these people! I'm wondering how you managed to track them down. I love, too, that they now know that someone who cares and loves the cabin is living there. We can guess that this means something to them from the fact that they shared so much wonderful information with you.

And, yes, I remember those old Burma Shave signs.

Melanie Mulhall


Kudos to you, Kathy, for reaching out the way you've done to all your neighbors and to the people who owned the cabin before you. Few people make these efforts, and they (including myself) are more walled in than need be--not by the knotty pine walls of a beautiful mountain cabin, but by their own timidity. What a soothing sense of continuity it must have given the Andersons to visit with you. They regained their past and the cabin too because of it. These live on in them through you.

Rosemary Carstens

How lovely that you are now so grounded in the history of place and people in your cabin. This has been a wonderful adventure for you, Kathy--aren't you glad you made the leap? Do you get up there much during the winter?

Kathy Kaiser

yes, Rosemary, the cabin has been a richer experience than I ever could have imagined. I'm grateful every time I go up there.

I do get up in winter but not as much as in summer because the cabin is uninsulated, my driveway is not plowed (there's still 3 feet of snow), the water freezes, etc. So it's more difficult in winter, although I've been finding my own rewards.

Kathy Kaiser

Melanie, I found the Andersons first by noticing their name and address (in Boulder) on one of the old documents from the closing on the cabin. And then I met one of my neighbors up there (Bonnie, who recently died) who was friends with them and made the initial contact, telling them I would like to meet with them. They agreed, and we met twice at their house in Boulder. They are gracious, warm, and wonderful people, and I feel very fortunate.

Kathy Kaiser

Julene, I would have to say that from the beginning, my cabin neighbors have reached out to me. They have been friendly and open from the first time I moved in. I think there's something about a mountain community that draws people together.

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