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November 03, 2009


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Beautiful scene. I like snow, but only during those first magical few hours when everything is newly covered and soft and quiet. Then I've had enough and want sunshine and warmth - so I can really relate to your saying that the magic was gone. There definitely is a special feeling that comes with new snow.

Jennifer Woodhull

Thanks for taking me there, Kathy. I can actually hear and feel the plop of soggy snow on the cabin roof … I don't know whether reading your posts alleviates or exacerbates my homesickness, but I do know that I love your writing. And more than your writing, the heart it originates from.

Bettianne Shoney Sien

Beautiful, it helps me on this bonus 75 degree day to understand that winter is coming---and that magic will come back again and again.
Thank you.


Gorgeous vignette, Kathy. I love taking breaks from my work and dipping into your beautiful mind. I wish winter would come and stay like it did in the old days so I don't have to worry that the world is ending.

You should figure out how to share these on Facebook. Priscilla Stuckey (sp?) is doing that, and her friends can share the link with friends.

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