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November 26, 2009


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Kathy, that's exactly what it's like for me too. As I begin to meet the people who live behind the doors in my neighborhood, that part of the map lights up, while other parts remain fuzzy. You describe that feeling so well. I saw a piece on CBS Sunday Morning today about a guy who decided his neighborhood needed more trees. He set about meeting the neighbors and urging them to plant them. Gradually, the place was beautified, but it also became a real neighborhood, where people knew and interacted with one another. What big improvements can come about when we take that risk of getting to know people. Why does it seem so risky? Sometimes it seems we've lost the art of being human.

Reed Glenn

Kathy, What a lovely observation about neighborhoods and mental maps. Enjoyed your post.

Kathy Kaiser

Nicely said, Julene. I, too, wonder why it's so difficult and why we've shut ourselves up in our homes. And, I, too, wonder if we've lost some of our humanity.

Rosemary Carstens

Your metaphor about pieces being filled in on a map is lovely, using as it does the symbol of light. How is it that a light in an otherwise dark night seems warm, when, really, nothing around us has changed temperature? Light holds such a promise of hope, community, relief from loneliness, a beckoning destination in the night, a safe arrival. As always I love the way your posts give me something to think about--

Verna Wilder

Beautiful post, Kath. Even when I'm in my house and want alone-time, I am comforted by the presence of my housemate poking around in her room. I want to feel the presence of others without having to interact. And as always, I love your photos.

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