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May 10, 2009


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Oh Kathy,
Your photos spark my idealized Scotland dreams which your blog re-frames....thank you for it all. Ahh, the sheep and their adorable lambs make me remember New Zealand. How do we balance their sweet, funny nature with the damage they do to the land? Oh, and then people too, especially, are often not as funny or sweet as the lambs, do the most damage of all. I really enjoyed this entry and shall send it along to my daughter in London.


Kathy, I loved the photos!! I'm wondering if by chance you were there a little early for the green hills?? Maybe it takes a certain amount of warmth before the grass get green?? Just a thought. I was surprised to hear about the logging, I don't know why? I don't remember that when I was there or was it just on Skye? Maybe they started logging later on, after I was gone. But I have fond thoughts about Scotland and always wanted to return, the people at the time I was there were very funny, always telling tons of jokes....maybe it was just that we were young and into the party spirit. Glad you went and saw.


Kathy, Thanks for those well-turned words describing the place as you found it, complete with decimated forests and "sweet," "amiable" sheep. I loved your great prose descriptions and your gorgeous pictures.

Shari Phiel

I also spent two weeks (albeit very rainy) in Scotland back in 2006 and like you found my vision of the country, gleaned from books and Photoshopped calendars, wasn't to be found. But the real Scotland in many ways surpassed it by far. I met some of the kindest and warmest people I've ever run across while I was there, some of whom I still keep in contact with. Luckily, I did get to spend some time hiking in the forests around Loch Ness and Glenfinnan. For me, the real Scotland was found once I left the tourist meccas and spent more time wandering the roads less traveled. Your pictures are beautiful - it's like being there all over again!

Jerrie Hurd

Loved photos. Reminded me of my week in Scotland. Wonderful place. My favorite memory is walking the forests around Loch Ness. Thanks for sharing your views.

R Carstens

You've touched on an important topic here, Kathy. Looking for beauty in what we find, what is around us at the moment, even tho different than what we expected or dreamed of. I've been working on an article about Minnesota artist Joseph Paquet and he tells me he paints the ordinary around him because he wants to bring its plainer beauty to light. He does it well, even when he's just painting an old rusted-out industrial building in the middle of a cold, grey winter. It's wonderful that you were able to move past your disappointment at what was missing and look around freshly to enjoy what WAS there.

Alyce Barry

What wonderful photos, Kathy, wow. I've copied some of them to my Pictures folder and made this one of Eilean Donan Castle my desktop background -- stunning.

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