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May 17, 2009


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Shari Phiel

I had forgotten how many people in Scotland asked me what is was like to live where there were wild animals. Had I seen a bear? Or a mountain lion? How about a wolf? Yes, yes, no but I heard a pack on the next ridge over while camping in Montana. It was as difficult for me to understand what it would be like not living with wildlife as it was for those same Scots to see wild animals while hiking or going for a drive in the mountains. I hope they can successfully reintroduce otters and beavers, the value of our wildlife is immeasurable.

Lara Robinson

I can only imagine the visual shock of coming back to Boulder after being in Scotland, as I've never been there. Cartainly our mountains are rugged, not tamed. Wildlife is everywhere and I loved your description of spring being "a tender reed among much harshness". I used to live in Steamboat Springs where spring was much later than Boulder's, and autumn came much sooner. I had to really look to find the footprints of spring on the mountainside.

Beautiful writing, Kathy, full of lovely images, both sensory and viceral. Thanks for sharing.


Loved this entry!! The comparison to the old world was wonderful. Never really thought that they don't have wild animals over there and really glad that we do now that you mentioned it. Here in CA we have Mt Lions running down the streets sometime!! There territory is expanding into the cities as they are protected and can recover from the slaughters of the late 18 and early 19 hundreds. I feel fortunate now that we've taken the awareness that these animals were disappearing and stopped it before it was to late, out west. Loved the picture!!

Bettianne Shoney Sien

Your photo with the tombstones and Lilacs is stunning. I appreciate your thoughtful and honest reflections on both Scotland and Colorado. I must say that this spring at my house the greenery is so lush, the lilac bushes so full, that I feel again an overwhelming love for Boulder. I wish you could record the frogs and put it into the blog, your description brings to mind a symphony. I love these entries! Thank you for sharing your cabin with us.


I always enjoy falling in love with places I'm visiting - it's part of that vacation magic. And thankfully, when I'm home, I quickly remember what I love about living in Colorado. We were in England in April and loved the hedgerows of daffodils but I have serious doubts that I could ever return there to live.


OMG, your pasqueflower photo is gorgeous! I appreciate your thoughts on wild and tamed landscapes. Being near less domesticated land is one of the things I love about Boulder.

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