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February 27, 2009


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Claire Walter

Once upon a time, families were rooted in the same neighbhorhood for generations. Grandparents, neighbors and older children kept an eye on younger ones. As soon as kids were old enough to go out and play, parents let without leashing them with constant supervision, scheduled activities and cell phones. Kids grew up knowing adult neighbhors (some related, others not), both their playmates' parents and older folks whom we now call "empty-nesters." Neighbor ladies baked cookies, and their husbands always had time to let youngsters hang around with them and sometimes "help" as they built or fixed things. Parents were paranoid about molesters. As people grew older, neighbors naturally pitched in to lend a hand, to share a meal, to chat. Unfortunately, what your parents grew up with and shared in no longer exists in most places. Hopefully, they will find a replacement in their new home -- and you will find the tranquility you crave in your lovely cabin.

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